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Three Strategies for Creating Digital Products

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Ready to create digital products?! Let's go!

Whether you're just starting out or navigating the messy middle of your online biz, this post will help!

First things first....

Find Your Twinkle:

I want to encourage you to hold onto the twinkle that keeps you going in the online business world. It's a reminder that success doesn't happen overnight, and every entrepreneur faces challenges. Even the most successful ones have shed tears and navigated tough lessons. So, if you're yet to make your first sale or feeling lost, remember the twinkle that excites you about why you started this journey in the first place!


The Importance of Persistence:

Persistence is key - keep pushing through zero-dollar days to reach the much-awaited paydays. Every small step contributes to the larger picture of success. So, if you're feeling defeated, remember that every person faces challenges before their overnight success.

Three Strategies for Success:

Here are three strategies to help you make your first or next digital product sale.

Talk About Your Thing

Build Your Email List

Focus on One Publishing Platform

I dig into each of these on my podcast - listen below!

As you embark on your digital product journey, remember that success is a journey, not a destination. Embrace the joy in learning and growing. If the path feels challenging, recall the twinkle that inspired you to begin.

Whether you're just starting or thriving in the messy middle, persistence and dedication will light the way.

Thank you for joining me on this joyous exploration of creating and selling digital products. May your journey be filled with success, smiles, and the unwavering belief that you've got this!

Happy creating!

Amy Jo

Want to listen to this episode? Check it out below!

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Hey there! I'm Amy Jo

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I love to create all things digital and help women bring their digital dreams to life!

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