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13 Steps For Publishing Your Children’s Book On Amazon KDP

13 Steps For Publishing Your Children’s Book On Amazon KDP with amy jo

Hey there, thanks for tuning in. I was just checking out my podcast analytics, and it seems like you guys are really enjoying the Amazon KDP episode. Thanks for giving it a listen. Today, I want to delve deeper into the world of publishing low content books, especially for those interested in creating children's books, maze books, puzzle books, journals, planners, and more through Amazon KDP.

Currently, I'm knee-deep in the process of publishing my second children's book, "Mitzi's Magical Idea," and I thought it would be the perfect time to share insights into the Amazon KDP publishing process, specifically geared towards children's books.

However, these tips can be applied to any project you're planning to publish through Amazon KDP.

Write Your Manuscript: Start by creating your manuscript. Whether it's a children's book, journal, or planner, you need to get the core content down. Find your writing groove, be it in the shower, in bed, or on your phone's notes app – wherever inspiration strikes.

Edit and Proofread: Typos can be a major turn-off for readers. Edit and proofread your work meticulously. Consider having multiple people review your manuscript before its public release to ensure a polished and professional end product.

Create Illustrations or Graphics: If you're creating a children's book, illustrations are crucial. If you're not an artist, no worries – you can hire someone. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are excellent for finding talented illustrators who align with your vision.

Format Your Book: Formatting can be daunting, but Amazon KDP provides templates and guidelines for various book dimensions. Pay close attention to these details to avoid complications later. Don't make the mistake of assuming all printing platforms are the same – learn from my experience.

Design the Cover: The manuscript and the cover are two separate files. Design a captivating cover that complements your story. Remember, the cover is the first impression, so make it eye-catching and reflective of your content.


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