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MRR and PLR for Digital Product Makers

MRR and PLR for digital product makers

Hello, I have a keen scam radar. Flashy lights go off when I hear about things gaining sudden traction.

So, let's talk about it! Here's a brief summary - to hear the full breakdown, listen to the podcast episode below!

Today, let's dive into MRR and PLR, especially if you're in the digital product space on TikTok or Instagram. You might've seen videos discussing these terms.

Let's talk about MRR first...

MRR lets you resell a product. For example, the trending "Roadmap" course not only educates on digital marketing but also offers ownership rights. You can't change content but you CAN resell for 100% profit, a unique feature. Roadmap stands out with a detailed course, covering legalities, SEO, and an active community. The price is impressive, considering the value. I've been blown away by the support and features—a rare find in MRR products.

Now, PLR allows modification, rebranding, and claiming authorship. It's a one-time purchase, giving flexibility to reshape and resell. If you lack a product and want to start selling, MRR or PLR can be your entry point.

However, be cautious.

Many websites offer these products, and not all deliver quality.

Always check previews or reviews before purchasing. While these concepts aren't scams, unethical marketing exists. I've observed misleading claims, especially with the Roadmap.

Some buy, don't complete the course, yet boast earnings. Ethical considerations are crucial in business mmmk?

In summary, MRR and PLR can jumpstart your digital product journey. Just be mindful of how you market and ensure the product's quality aligns with your brand.

MRR and PLR for digital product makers


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