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How to Sell Digital Downloads

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Let's chat digital downloads!

In my Facebook group for female entrepreneurs, we've got over 2000 amazing members, and a recurring theme among new entrants is the desire to sell digital downloads.

So, let's break down the three key elements you need to successfully sell these things!

I've been in the online space since I was 12, and I've been selling digital products since 2016. Whether you're just starting or making thousands per month, these essentials remain the same...

Your digital product is the heart of your online business. It could be an ebook, a training, or any downloadable content.

The key is to choose something that aligns with your skills, is easy for you to create, and excites you!

Don't overwhelm yourself; start with something simple that delivers value.

If you're struggling to decide, ask yourself: What do you know? What skills do you have? What's the easiest way for you to teach someone a snippet of what you know? Start with digital downloads like an ebook or a PDF.

Remember, if it's not enjoyable for you to create, you won't do it (or care to market it)

Once you have your product, you need people to sell it to.

Building an audience is crucial.

Start by leveraging your existing contacts—whether it's through email, phone, or social media. Consistency is key. Show up where your audience is and provide value to build trust.

If you're hesitant about showing your face online, find a comfortable way to connect with your audience. It could be through a podcast, blog, or even a faceless Instagram or YouTube channel.

The goal is to be consistent and authentic in a way that feels right for you.

Now that you have a product and an audience, you need a system to accept payments and deliver your digital downloads. The big question here is whether you want a standalone website or prefer selling on a platform like Etsy. Both have pros and cons, so choose based on your comfort level and long-term goals.

For a quick and budget-friendly start, I recommend using It's free up to 2000 contacts, easy to set up, and gives you control over your traffic. Remember, the aim is to start selling and collecting emails for future marketing efforts.

Selling digital downloads is a powerful way to share your knowledge and make money online.

By simplifying the process and focusing on these three essentials—having a great product, building your audience, and choosing the right platform for transactions—you'll set yourself up for success.

If you want a head start, grab my free funnel template at And if you have any questions, join the Digital Products Entrepreneurs Facebook group and tag me. Let's make your online business journey a breeze!

I got into more detail in this episode - take a listen and subscribe! :)

how to sell digital download pinterest pinable graphic


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