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How to Sell a Course BEFORE You Build it

I'm thrilled to share how to sell a course before you build it. Recently, a burning question surfaced in our Digital Product Female Entrepreneurs Facebook group, and it sparked a conversation that led us to the radiant Rainbow Method—a guiding light for those eager to turn their ideas into prosperous ventures.

Embarking on the Rainbow Method Journey:

Picture this: you have a vision, an idea brimming with potential, but how do you translate it into a thriving digital product? Enter the Rainbow Method, a acronym that will light your way through the entire process, ensuring your creation isn't just a product but a transformative experience for your audience.

R - Research: Unveiling the Secrets of Your Audience:

Our journey commences with the letter R—Research. It's the foundation of understanding your audience so profoundly that when it's time to unveil your creation, it's a resounding "yes" from them. Dive into Facebook groups and social platforms to uncover the questions, concerns, and aspirations of your future customers.

A - Ask: Sparking Conversations and Planting Seeds:

Once armed with insights, we move to A—Ask. Engage with your audience directly, plant the seeds of your upcoming creation, and watch your community blossom. It's a dance of inquiry, subtly building anticipation for what's to come.

I - Irresistible Offer: Sketching Your Masterpiece:

With a treasure trove of insights, it's time for I—Irresistible Offer. Map out your creation, outlining modules, lessons, and potential bonuses. You're not building it yet; you're sketching the masterpiece that will captivate your audience.

N - Networking: Building a Community, Not Just Selling:

Let go of the fear of selling and embrace N—Networking. Build a community around your idea, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and grow an audience that resonates with your vision. It's about relationships, not transactions.

B - Beta Program: Unleashing Collaborative Magic:

Here's where the real magic unfolds—B for Beta Program. Initiate a beta program, inviting your community to join you in creating something extraordinary. This collaborative effort provides valuable feedback and fills your cup with the joy of shared success.

O - Offer Building: Crafting the Masterpiece:

With testimonials in hand and a community cheering you on, it's time for O—Offer Building. Choose a user-friendly platform and bring your creation to life. It's the moment you've been waiting for.

W - Webinar or Whatever Works: Spreading the Magic:

Finally, it's time to spread the word with W—Webinar or Whatever Works. Host a webinar or use any method that suits you to bring people into your program. Showcase the transformation your product promises and let the magic unfold.

Crafting Your Digital Magic Kingdom:

You've now unveiled the power of the Rainbow Method—a spellbinding journey from idea to impact. Remember, success is a magical journey filled with twists, turns, and the joy of creation. May your digital products sparkle with the brilliance of your creativity, and may your impact resonate far and wide.

Happy creating! 🌈✨


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Hey there! I'm Amy Jo

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