How To Get More Confident With Sales

Aug 21, 2020

Hello Friends!

This week I am SUPER excited to bring you some tips and tricks from Lyndsey Brent, a business strategist and sales coach veteran!

I feel like so many women can get nervous and tripped up at the thought of how to do sales. I mean, it can be seriously intimidating! Everything can be going smoothly, sales, branding, and marketing can be amazing, but then you get nervous doubting the interest potential clients might have in what you sell.

Does this sound familiar???

Read on for some concrete ways to pull yourself out of that mindset and make your sales thrive!

Go back to why you started your business in the first place.

Rethink the 'whys'of your business.

Why did you choose this business? What about it excited you in the first place? Re-live those feelings and bring yourself to that point of excitement again! Also, give yourself some credit. Seriously, because you know SO much more then you care to admit. You are an expert, or on your way to becoming an expert, in your field. Take confidence in your skills and be a lady boss!!!


Realize that you can be 100% you!

It's not always easy to be you, I know!

But don't be afraid to bring your beliefs and your personality to your business. There is honestly something so magical that happens when you fully step into who you are and you present that to the world. Believe me, I know it can be easy to compare your business to what everyone else is doing and to make changes based on what you see, but get back to the root of who you are, what you really desire to do, and what your purpose is. When all of those things are in alignment, then everything just seems to fall into place within your business!


Don't be pushy with your pitch.

Being pushy is one of the top fears of women entrepreneurs, but how do you make sales without being pushy? Before you go to make a sale, spend a couple minutes just clearing your distractions and settling into the conversation you're about to have. Think about what the purpose and the intention is for your meeting and put yourself into a place of advocacy. Go into it with the mindset of how you can serve your client, and not what you can sell.

Ask great questions and be naturally curious to find out what their goals are, their end game is, and what is getting in their way.

Really be present with them and continue to be an advocate with that person. Figure out what their challenges are so that you can determine how best to help them. Another super helpful tip is to have a solid sales script. This should be your guideline to asking great questions, transitioning into talking about your offer, and how to handle objections when they come up.

This script isn't meant to be read off, but it is meant to be a guide in making sure that the conversation flows in a way that will set you up for gaining a client at the end of the call.


Don't be attached to the outcome.

A lot of times we can become too attached to the idea of getting a sale. When this happens we can end up getting defensive when a potential client doesn’t want to buy from us. Step into being present, to being an advocate, and to serving your client. Whatever is meant to happen is going to happen! 

What are you going to do this week to get comfy with sales? 

xo Amy Jo






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