9 Reason Kajabi Is The Best Online Platform For Your Online Course or Membership Site

Aug 21, 2020

*this post contains affiliate links and I may receive compensation for my recommendations. I never recommend products I don't use myself and only promote what I fully believe in.



Hey Magical Human!!! 

First off, you’re awesome. 

And also? I’m about to make your life 120% easier. 

I started my online journey in 2003 as a blogger (if we're counting the Xanga days). I officially launched my 'grown up blog' in 2009 thanks to my college roommate persuading me! 

I bounced from Xanga, to Blogger, to WordPress, to SquareSpace searching for a platform that had everything I needed under one roof.

>>> Want to hear a scary story?! When my blog was on WordPress, I didn't update one of my plugins fast enough and my site got a 'digital termite'. Know what that is? It eats your code and make your website completely disappear.

No more blogs.

No landing pages.


I cried. A lot.

I felt like I had lost EVERYTHING forever. Luckily, MOST of my site was able to be restored (after I paid a code guy a bunch of money) and I was back to blogging...

But I still remember what a nightmare that was and it still triggers major anxiety.

On top of my site being destroyed (ha!) it was exhausting integrating a million types of software together, crossing my fingers that no links would be broken and lose leads. 

Were my plugins updated?

Am I going to get another termite?!

What if THIS software doesn't talk to THAT software?!


I thought this was normal actually. A stressed entrepreneur seemed like a rite of passage.

Heads up - that's a lie.


Tech stress is NOT a requirement to be a successful entrepreneur. #writethatdown



So my search continued for a platform that I felt SAFE on (no termites allowed).

That's when I found Kajabi.


Here are 9 reasons why I’m OBSESSED with Kajabi and use it for EVERYTHING in my business: 


1. I rebuilt my website in a day - Kajabi is insanely easy to use and gives you pre-built templates if you want to make your website building faster and easier. No stress. No plug-ins to mess with. And no paying some tech-guy to help you at midnight because a code-terminte ate your blogs. (PS Kajabi's tech guys are amazing and don't charge me for help. win-win)


2. Email lists are INCLUDED - no outside software needed (which means no more losing contacts!)  Kajabi also makes tagging and segmenting your subscribers way easier so your messaging speaks directly to them. Most other companies charge the larger your list gets. Not Kajabi!  


3. Course and membership creation. Having the ability to create digital products and membership sites has revolutionized my business (hello residual income!). Also, they're super easy to build and customize! My Digital Product Launch Vault is completely on Kajabi and the interface is beautiful.  Check it out below!


4. Pre-built pipelines & landing pages - Pipelines (or funnels) come with Kajabi. They have a stack of pre-built pipelines, or you can create from scratch! If you're brand new to funnels and how the behind-the-scenes of running your business works, Kajabi makes it super easy to get up and running faster. Think of pipelines as your own personal salesman working for you 24/7.


5. Countdown clocks - You don't need additional software to add urgency into your products anymore! Countdown clocks are included. We used them to run webinars and on sales pages to let the buyer know when the offer ends.




6. Easy order pages and checkout - Nothing is more annoying than a tricky to set up sales page and order form. Kajabi integrates with your PayPal and Stripe account for easy and safe transactions. No more fumbling with code to get your checkout pages in order!


7. Affiliate program included -  You can become an affiliate with Kajabi and win awesome prizes...but that's not what I'm talking about here! You have the ability to set up your OWN affiliate programs for your products. You can even decide what percentage commission you'd like to give out to your affiliates with the click of a button. So easy!!


8. Automated webinars included - This may be my favorite part...automated webinars cost NOTHING EXTRA. They're one of my favorite ways to sell because you're literally cloning yourself. Most companies charge big fees to run auto webinars, but with Kajabi it's included in your subscription! 


9. Easy to track your income and daily, monthly and yearly activity - Your dashboard shows you how many new members you have, your total for the month and more! It's super awesome to see all of my numbers at a glance, so I know where I stand every month!


Can you see why I love it so much? 

And also...no nightmares about code termites. Ha! 



What questions do you have about Kajabi? Drop them below!

xo Amy Jo

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