3 Things You MUST Do To Have a Successful Launch

Sep 05, 2020
3 Things You MUST Do To Have a Successful Launch banner

If you're thinking of launching a course or membership (or ANY digital product) then listen up! We're talking all things launch today so have a pen and paper ready. 

When we're talking about launching, we're talking about sharing what you've created with the world. It's your moment to really put the pedal to the metal and bring in a cash injection of sales + build your authority + grow your audience.

To many new entrepreneurs, it feels SUPER overwhelming to consider launching and the work that it takes to really make traction with your business.



Deep breaths.

We're going to break it down into 3 easy steps so you can be sure your next launch is successful & profitable! 




Before you EVER launch ANYTHING, you must make sure that you've done your research and you KNOW that what you've created is what your ideal audience actually wants (this is where most people go wrong and why they don't have a successful launch).

Don't waste your time creating anything until you've actually talked with your ideal customer about what would be most beneficial for them to get results.

I have a whole method that I teach called the Rainbow Method  inside of the Digital Product Launch Vault where I walk you through taking you from idea to launch, so that you don't waste time creating a course that will ultimately flop. 


Now, let's get to the point and the 3 MUST do's if you've already created your product and you're ready to have a killer launch.



I know, sounds so simple. But what SO MANY people do is they create a course and want to launch it the next day or the next week.


This is setting yourself up for disappointment from the get go. 

That's like hopping in a rocket ship and not putting in any fuel.

You need to plan a MINIMUM of 4 weeks out to launch your product so that you can build the buzz you need in order to generate the sales you want.

EXAMPLE: >>>> Grab a calendar and work backwards. Mark the day of your 'open cart' and your 'close cart'. Then, figure out HOW you're going to launch it! Live event? Video series? Challenge? Plan those dates, keep working backward. Your close cart will probably be 7ish days (mark that on your calendar). Your challenge or even will probably be the week leading up to your open cart (mark that down). And you'll need AT LEAST 2 weeks to promote your event...see why I said a MINIMUM of 4 weeks? :) 

Seriously, set yourself up for success and plan ahead!


2. Rally Your Team

This may mean getting some amazing affiliates to help you promote. Doing tons of podcast interviews. YouTube interviews. Instagram takeovers. YOU NAME IT! Start networking with others in your industry and see who you can partner with to get your name out there (and build your email list).


3. Pre-record content

If you have a launch coming up, the last thing you need to do is burnout. Plan ahead by pre-recording content that teases your upcoming launch (and builds your email list). We all know video converts best, so the more videos you do leading up to your launch, the better your conversions should be!



There is so much you can do to have a crazy good launch, but these ideas should get you started!


What are your favorite tips when it comes to launches? Tell me in the comments!

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