25 Ways To Make Your Content Go Viral

Nov 03, 2019

Stop spinning your wheels trying to get your content to take off. Follow these steps and start growing NOW!

I know you might be itching to get out there and be everywhere, but being everywhere is only to your benefit if you are posting content that is in line with your goals, engaging followers and producing leads.

My motto: Your content is not just your brand – it’s your story. It’s the journey someone takes when they discover you and discover they need your services. It’s your job to take them on that journey.

My advice: Be very good in one or two places before you move on. Unless you are already established across platforms and are prepared to feed the content machine each requires, your efforts might prove fruitless.

Pick one platform to start before you move on to another. Wherever you feel most comfortable, just start there. Don't be pressured by what everyone else is doing. You do you. You will learn about what you like and what your customers & clients like too. Then you can apply that to other platforms.


Producing regular, quality content is a great way to build your credibility - if it’s in line with your goals!

Content allows you to draw in an audience + increase website and social traffic. The challenge is that creating fresh content and repurposing it to distribute across platform takes a lot of time!

Which is why you need goals, instead of posting on the fly.

Are you launching? Trying to get subscribers? Filling a group? Hosting a challenge?

Everything you do and say needs to align with the end result you want.

So let's get into it:

● Every time you start a new project or plan content for anything, create a list of 5 topics that are on message for that goal. Pain points, solutions, how you deliver. This is something that can and will change over time. New goal = new outline.

● Create 3 sub-topics under that. Get specific about problems and results.

● 5x3=15 pieces of ON MESSAGE content to post about ⚡

That’s what you talk about. Only these things!!

Let’s talk Specific platforms!

Twitter Tips

● Pull 5-7 sentences or phrases to use as tweets from each blog post you have. This is 5-7 ways to schedule it as a tweet.

● Times that by your number of blog posts = x amount of tweets.

● Take those same 5-7 sentences and turn them into graphics to be used on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram. Create a document of “quotes from you” for easy reference and copying.

● If you aren’t already using the Click to Tweet Plugin, download it now. Embed a tweet and make it easy breezy for people to share. You can do this even if you are not on Twitter.

Facebook Tips:

● From blog posts and website copy, find 10 pain points your customer/client struggles with. BE SPECIFIC -think long-tail key phrases.

● This can now be 10 FB lives, 10 questions to ask your audience or ten FB post ideas.

● Look to your competitors to see what they are posting about. If you have a better idea or a way to elaborate on their POV, credit them and write about your opinions or research. This is also a great way to get THEM to share your content.

  • Tag them on social AND send them a direct link to your post in an email or direct message. When they share it creates backlinks to your content. Google loves that :)

Facebook business page

● USE the about section like a “Here’s what I’m about and here is how you can schedule a call, what I offer, my freebie,etc.”

● Your header image - this is like a free billboard just waiting for you to advertise. When you are offering a new freebie or way to work with you, create an image that directs people’s attention to that thing. When you upload the photo add a description to it, with a link to where you want someone to land.

Instagram Tips:

● Search your blog and social comments for questions and pain points. Turn those into graphics for an IG post.

● Ask your followers for their take on it and then engage with them in the comments.

● Be sure to use 10-20 relevant hashtags for your industry as well as 5 that speak directly to the topic of the graphic + 5 more for audiences you want to reach.

● Use any comments or questions you received as copy to accompany post, to help with the problem you solve.

● Instagram Hashtag generator and research: https://ingramer.com/tools/instagram-hashtag-generator/

LinkedIn Tips:

● Copy and paste every blog post into a LinkedIn article.

● Add a new image and create a call to action at the end.

● Encourage people to email questions or check out your freebie.

● Use a scheduler like Hootesuite to post something every day. You can share your blog posts, industry news or talk about tips & tools related to your business/industry. I like Hootsuite because it connects to Pixabay. I post a tip or small bite of information every day with a photo for attention

Pinterest Tips:

● Create boards for your Pinterest page that are relevant to your people. (blog posts from you, your resources and free content, tips that help with their problems, etc)

● Design pinnable images for your blog posts and make sure you have “Rich Pins” installed for your website/blog.

● Make sure boards and pins have descriptions. Specifically, long-tail key phrases people would use to find you.

● Pin 5-10 times per day. This includes original content as well as repurposing older content and re-pinning. Space out the pins over the course of the day(s)

How People find you (this is super important)

I have a blog post that explains why you should start thinking like your client and not like a business owner. It breaks down content strategy with how people look for you and marketing with value-based content. As a bonus, there is a free (no opt-in) worksheet at the end to help define your ideal client and set goals around that

Check it out here!

Author: Lisa Schmidt - Your Virtual

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