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How to Know Which Digital Products to Make That Will Actually Make Money Online

amy jo and the text how to know which digital products to make that will actually make money online

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There's a meme making the rounds that caught my attention recently. It asks, "Those of you who were told growing up that you talk too much, what do you do for a living now?"

It got me reflecting on my own journey, from a confident and carefree child to someone who struggled with self-expression. This journey began in fifth grade during picture day, a day that left a lasting impact on my confidence.

I vividly remember wanting to wear a cute dress with puffy sleeves and pink hearts. To my surprise, my classmates ridiculed me, making me cry the entire day. This experience marked a turning point, shaping my behavior to fit in rather than stand out.

In sixth grade, I encountered a teacher who constantly criticized me for talking too much. This further fueled my self-doubt and fear of embarrassment.

Throughout middle school, high school, and even parts of college, I shied away from speaking up, fearing judgment and ridicule.

It took years for me to break free from this mindset and embrace my voice. Looking back, I can pinpoint moments of growth and setbacks in my journey. It's evident in the podcast analytics and other aspects of my work.

If you're currently facing a similar struggle, know that you're not alone. I've been there, and it's a process.

The key is to believe in yourself and your abilities.

The goals you're striving for are within reach once you overcome the doubts planted by past experiences.

As I transition to discussing how to identify what you want to share and create, it's crucial to acknowledge the challenge (and benefits!) of being multi-passionate - especially when it comes to digital products. While having diverse interests is fantastic, focusing on one at a time is essential for meaningful growth. I learned this the hard way when attempting to juggle various pursuits simultaneously.

The first step is to assess your skills and talents. Create a list of everything you know and can offer.

Seek input from those around you to gain perspective on your strengths. Once you have this comprehensive list, circle your top three interests. These are the areas where you'll concentrate your time and energy for the next six to twelve months.

Finding your focus and creating income streams is a journey that requires patience and strategic planning. Embrace your uniqueness, believe in your capabilities, and take one step at a time. The path to success may not be a quick switch but a gradual transformation.


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