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5 High Income Generating Skills You Should Learn to Make Money Online

5 high income generating skills you should learn to make money online graphic for pinterest

Can we talk about this? 👀

There was a time for me when I cried a lot.

I'd come home from work, Caleb on the couch, and I'd just fetal position cry because I was so unhappy with my job, my mindset – it was just not a happy place. I felt bullied at work, and it was not a fun time.

So, I had to come to that fork in the road: do I continue this or find another option?

We were newlyweds, in a rental, figuring out married life – splitting bills and navigating the challenges.

Adding career stress made it very difficult for both of us.

I ended up quitting on June 1st, 2015 feeling excited initially, but two days later, panic set in. What did I do? How would I generate income?

Luckily, I had years of digital marketing experience.

I had been blogging since the Xanga days in the early 2000s, and my first big job was in digital marketing and design.

With a background in website development and digital marketing, I created a package to sell blog and website builds, marketing consultations, and more. In the first year, I offered these services online, and things aligned. I could meet virtually with clients worldwide. That was my introduction into offering services online.

And you know what? Knowing these skills helps me year after year for my own business, but also for my clients!

So, here are 5 high income generating skills you can learn to help you bring in more money to your life & biz:

  • Digital Marketing: Learn SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, or ANYTHING in the digital marketing space. The options are endless!

  • E-commerce: Sell physical or digital products online and master ecomm.

  • Affiliate Marketing: Promote products or services for a commission, find high-paying programs.

  • Web Development and Design: Build and redesign websites, focusing on design without the need for extensive coding.

  • Content Creation: Monetize platforms by creating valuable content and incorporating affiliate links.

Now, I dive deeper into each of these on my podcast - LISTEN BELOW!

Developing these skills can open up various income streams. Stack them for maximum impact. Give yourself time and grace to learn, and consider checking out the Roadmap course for full, comprehensive digital marketing training.

Remember, it's about acquiring high-income skills that can be game-changers. Teach yourself and future generations these valuable skills!

5 high income generating skills you should learn to make money online graphic for pinterest


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Hey there! I'm Amy Jo

Digital Product & Web Designer, Author & Artist

I love to create all things digital and help women bring their digital dreams to life!

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