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4 Entrepreneurs You Should be Following in 2024

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Want to know 4 amazing entrepreneurs you should be following!? Keep reading or listen to the full episode below!

Today, I want to share a bit about my husband, Caleb. We've been together since we were 18 and 19, meeting at a coffee shop where he was playing the guitar. Fast forward, and we became the first couple to tie the knot inside the planetarium in Kansas City – a decision born out of a desire for an outdoor wedding without weather worries.

Caleb's positivity is infectious. He's the "glass half full" type, always approaching challenges with a "how can we make this happen" attitude. It's a quality I greatly admire, especially since I tend to be the opposite, often getting anxious about major decisions.

Currently, we're navigating the intimidating process of buying a house, and while I'm in full freak-out mode, Caleb remains steadfast in his belief that it's the right choice. His unwavering confidence is a pillar of support during uncertain times.

But why am I sharing this personal insight? Because we all need people like Caleb in our lives – those who challenge us to step outside our comfort zones, who believe in our abilities, and who provide unwavering support for our creative endeavors.

Reflecting on a poignant story from my creative workshops, I emphasize the importance of having people in your corner who encourage you to try new things and believe in your potential. One attendee, who hadn't painted since kindergarten due to a discouraging comment from her mother, rediscovered her creative spark later in life when she found a supportive community.

This brings me to the essence of my message: surround yourself with individuals who push you to grow, challenge your comfort zones, and believe in your abilities.

In my journey, I've found immense value in my long-standing mastermind group. The diverse skills and perspectives within our group, including burnout specialists, leadership coaches, mindset coaches, and integrators, create a dynamic environment that fuels creativity and growth. Regular meetings offer a space to share struggles, seek advice, and find encouragement.

Beyond my mastermind, I've cultivated connections with inspiring individuals in various online spaces:

  1. Jenny Hanson Lane: An expert in Amazon KDP, specializing in publishing low-content books.

  2. Jenny Hall: The force behind Etsy Accelerator, guiding creators in selling digital downloads on Etsy.

  3. Liz Wilcox: Offers Email Marketing Membership, providing weekly email templates to nurture and engage your audience.

  4. Stephanie Gas: Founder of Podcast Pro University, a resource for those looking to start and grow a podcast.

These connections have been instrumental in navigating the noise of the online space. By sharing these resources, my goal is to offer you valuable connections with people who have made a positive impact on my journey.

The key takeaway is the importance of surrounding yourself with a supportive network. Whether it's your life partner, a mastermind group, or connections in your industry, having a circle that understands and uplifts you is essential for personal and professional growth.

PS: If you find yourself lacking such a circle, consider me in your corner – your cheerleader, ready to encourage you and celebrate your successes. Let's create amazing things together!

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