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Hi! I'm Amy Jo

I help women just like you share their knowledge and get paid for it by creating online courses & membership sites that sell like hotcakes.

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The Digital Boss Course


Need a little help getting started building your online business? This course will help you formulate your offers, identify your dream buyers and start getting mega visible so you can begin generating income online - consistently!


I Believe We Were Made For More

There has never been a better time in history than RIGHT NOW to create a digital business sharing your gifts. The world needs you - now more than ever - to confidently show up and shine like the magical human you were born to be.

Hey there! I'm Amy Jo.

I've been teaching since 2012 and in 2015, I transitioned my teaching into the online space. In 2016, I dove into creating digital products and have been creating and selling courses, eBooks and launched a membership teaching you how to do the same!

I LOVE helping magical humans just like you take your expertise and turn it into a digital product that sells globally. 

I've worked with:

  • online coaches coaches
  • artists & writers
  • non-profits
  • and have helped over 1,000 students and clients globally!

You have knowledge to share. I can help you share it faster.

Check out how we can work together!
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