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Ready To Design Your Magical Life?

Discover Your Purpose So You Can Share Your Gifts With Others And Finally Make The Impact You Desire


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Hey Magical Human!

I'm Amy Jo - International Life & Business Coach. I help entrepreneurs just like you take their knowledge + skills and package them into digital products that sell across the globe!

i fully believe you have knowledge to share and it’s your duty to use your voice to share it! My passion is helping you step into your spotlight & share your gifts. Creating digital products is one of the best ways to do just that! 

Im excited you’re here! It’s going to be such a fun journey!


Read more about my story...

Available Now!

Digital Magic: The Workbook + Course


If you’re stuck in a job that feels totally soul-sucking and your energy is drained on the daily….it’s time to make a change. This workbook is the exact same process I use with my VIP clients and walks you through the steps of creating an income around your passions so that you can LIVE more and enjoy the days you have - stress free!


  • Moneyblocks & mindset shifts that MUST happen in order for you to move forward

  • Stepping in to your personal power so you know EXACTLY what you have to offer this world

  • Fine-tuning your messaging so your ideal audience knows YOU’RE the one they need to work with

  • And SO. MUCH. MORE!

BONUS: You’ll also get my video course FREE to walk you through your workbook so that you get the best results possible.


Does One Of These Sound Like You?

Literally ALL you want to do is help others and be of service

...but there aren’t enough hours in the day and you’re beginning to feel burnt out in your own business trying to accomplish ‘all the things’

You CRAVE more freedom in your life & business

...and you're wondering ‘How did I end up creating my own job and I’m still chained to a desk?!’

You’ve been working 1:1 with clients and it’s been great and all

…but you’re ready to take that next step in creating an online course or other infoproduct that you can continually sell (yep, even in your sleep)

You're in the right spot and it's no coincidence, my friend! 

My passion is helping you find YOUR passion and share it with the world.

Yep, I'm talkin' busting through those pesky limiting beliefs that keep you stuck to creating your online platform that serves millions (without getting totally burnt out in the process).

I know what it’s like to finally have built your business online, only to feel more overwhelmed and burnt out than ever. Like, what the heck, right?! So I readjusted HOW my business was running in order to free up my time, yet still make the impact on the world that I desired.

By the time I had began building my online courses, I had worked with 1,073 humans (holy smokes). 

If you’re ready to make a bigger impact teaching your passion, I can help!


"Amy Jo is a master marketing figureouter! What felt like mumbo jumbo coming out of my mouth when it came to my marketing ideas and structures, she helped me shift through it all and come up with a plan I feel confident and excited about. Definitely a gal you’d want in your #girlboss corner!"

Dana Ford
Hello Life Co.

"Within two meetings with Amy Jo, I have overcome many of my money blocks already and I HAVE MY FIRST CLIENT!!! I couldn’t be more grateful to her for showing me the way, helping me to change some of my thinking, challenging me in many ways that involved personal growth and addressing some of the hand-ups that I have about money, success, confidence and much more!"

Tina Amaro
Planting Seeds Coaching

"Amy Jo is the best kept secret in the online course space!"

Courtney S.
Math Dab


Sylvia L.

"Amy Jo makes you feel like you can tell her anything! She knows just what to ask to get you to uncover what’s holding you back and hep you move forward with your goals in confidence. In just 1 session, I was able to unfold years of old patterns and realize the core of what is holding me back in pursuing my dreams."

Kaitlin S.

Grab My Free Digital Magic ToolKit

Discover the exact tools I recommend to run your business so that you don't have to fumble around trying out what you THINK you need (it's less than you think!)

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