A monthly coaching membership that teaches you:

✔  How to design an online business fueled by digital products
✔  How to craft killer offers that sell like hot cakes
✔  How to launch to a crowd ready to buy from you
(so you never launch to crickets or your Aunt Marge who has no idea what "laptop life" means) ever again!

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Everyone And Their Brother Seems To Be Generating A 6-Figure Income Online...

And you're wondering HOW IN THE WORLD they're doing this when you keep launching to crickets or getting stuck in total overwhelm!

Maybe you've been saying some of these phrases...

I've spent thousands of dollars on courses and trainings that just teach me pieces of the puzzle

✔ I know I have knowledge to share...but I have NO idea where to start or what my next step is!

✔  All I want is to create residual income that frees up my time so I can finally have control over my days on this planet

   I have NO clue which platform or systems would be right for me and my business, much less HOW to actually use them.

✔  I just need someone to hold my hand and push me to take that leap and LAUNCH!

I feel like I keep wasting time on things that don't move my business forward

If you can dedicate just 2-3 hours per week to building your online business, you could:

  • Finally create & launch your courses, ebooks & membership sites to an audience BEGGING to buy from you!
  • Consistently sell your offers and scale your income to multiple 4 and 5-figure months!
  • Say goodbye to the cubicle life and hello to the laptop life!
  • Have proven marketing strategies at your fingertips that consistently bring you sales

If You're Serious About Designing Your Freedom-Based Life, Then Let Me Make The Digital Magic Membership A No-Brainer

In short, The Digital Magic Membership is an exclusive monthly coaching program that gives you access to a business coach & dozens of expert masterclasses for less than a pair of sneakers.

You'll Be Able To Stream Expert Trainings From Some Of The Best Entrepreneurs On The Web Who Have:

✔ Quit their Corporate 6-Figure Job to Build a 6-Figure Passion Based Business From Their Home
✔ Build a multi-million dollar business after having only $1 in the bank and struggling to heat their house
✔ Over 20 Years of Television News Experience Who Have Worked With Small Business Owners, Influencers and Government Leaders


Check Out Some Of The Featured Experts...

You'll Also Get A NEW Members-Only Masterclass Added EVERY MONTH

So you're consistently learning the cutting-edge marketing, sales and mindset strategies you can begin implementing in your business to skyrocket your sales and get you living that life you keep going to bed dreaming about.

My Favorite Part?


Hey there! I'm Amy Jo.

With over 8 years of experience in the online marketing world, I've been coached by some of the best in the biz who cumulatively generate over $30 million a year selling digital products and services online.

I'll teach you how to...

✔ Create & launch courses, membership sites & eBooks to your audience so YOU control your income and become YOUR OWN BOSS
✔ Drive traffic to your offers so you never hear crickets again during your launches 
 Sell your offers in a way that feels GOOD and not sales-y. Because ew.
 Put together an irresistible offer your audience will drool over


I've helped my clients:

  • Grow their PAYING clientele by over 200% within one year
  • Boost their email lists by 174% in 4 months
  • Generate their first thousands online within one month as a brand new online business owner
  • Create and launch marketing funnels within their business that generate consistent sales (even in their sleep)


As Seen On...

You Could Spend $47 on A New Pair Of Sneakers...

OR You Could Get To Work Building Your Online Business And Finally Create The Freedom In Your Life You've Been Dreaming About For Years.


Here's what you'll get if you decide against the sneakers...


Live coaching every month from myself or one of my amazing experts

✔ Live office hours within the members-only Facebook group

✔ Over 60 marketing, sales, mindset and social media training videos 

✔ 83-page Digital Magic Workbook + 10 part video course

An entire tech and resource library stacked with how-to's so that you never have to waste hours of searching on the internet AGAIN! (and if there's a specific training you need, just tag me in the members only community!)

A private, members only Facebook group where you can get support and tips from other INVESTED, goal-oriented entrepreneurs (not Sally from YouTube who has never built an online business and thinks a funnel is short for funnel cake.)


Don't just take my word for it!

Check out some of the awesome feedback...

Get Instant Access To The 60+ Training Videos & 83-Page Workbook Now!!

Get the support and accountability you need to finally create and launch your digital product and let's change the world together!




Digital Magic Workbook & 10-Part Video Course

1x LIVE Group Coaching Call Per Month

1x LIVE Office Hours Per Month

Private Members Only Facebook Group





2 Months Free Access

Digital Magic Workbook & 10-Part Video Course

1x LIVE Group Coaching Call Per Month

1x LIVE Office Hours Per Month

Private Members Only Facebook Group



This is perfect for you if:

✔  You're ready to get serious about your business goals & you're tired of throwing spaghetti to the wall hoping something sticks

✔  You have an online business currently or you have the desire to build one thats fueled from your passions

✔  You know that learning with a tribe is so essential and you're ready to help others as the help you (we're all about teamwork here!)

This is NOT for you if:

✔  You're a negative Nancy who doesn't do the work or show up for herself

✔  You expect to be making a million dollars overnight magically

✔  You don't take feedback well and aren't interested in outside of the box thinking to move your business forward


Let's Recap:

  • Monthly LIVE coaching calls (Valued at $1997)
  • Office Hours Each Week (Valued at $297)
  • FULL Access to the Digital Magic Course (Valued at $497)
  • Mindset Mastery Portal (Priceless)
  • Expert Interviews + Trainings Delivered Regularly (Valued at $997)
  • Tech & Resource Library (Valued at $997)
  • Regularly Updated Content available ONLY to members
  • Accountability Facebook Group with optional partner pairing (Valued at $97)

Over $4,000 Worth of Value & 60+ Training Videos...

Immediately Available To You The Moment You Become A Member


Your membership gives you access to over 63 amazing training videos and expert interviews the moment you become a member.

Then, you'll have access to LIVE coaching and office hours EVERY MONTH where you can get your questions answered, as well as new trainings added monthly. No more trying to piece bits of advice together hoping something sticks!


  • LIVE Coaching once per month
  • WEEKLY office hours within the private group
  • ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER MATCH UP (Optional) - every month, there will be a special post within the private group where you can mingle with other entrepreneurs and team up as accountability partners
  • NEW CONTENT added monthly 

You receive all of the member perks for as long as you choose to be a member and pay the monthly fee.

Typically, courses have a START and STOP with a little accountability in between. The Digital Magic Membership is ALL ABOUT accountability and continually providing you with incredible, expert training to help you grow your business faster - while feeling supported along the way.

You also have access to me as your coach via LIVE coaching and office hours every month to get all of your questions answered. 

ABSOLUTELY! We don't play favorites here. In fact, there's a chunk of training specifically to help you hone in your skills so you can gain some clarity and find your path as an online business owner.

Then you’re in the right place! You’ll be able to get some major clarity and learn how to build an offer that stands out to your ideal client!

Pssst...there's specific trainings in the membership that will help!

Yes ma'am! There's always more to learn and this is the perfect place to grow. You'll also be able to help other women as they navigate their path! Win win!


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