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Courtney S.

"Amy Jo is the best kept secret in the online course creating space. She fills in the gaps that many online courses lack, and I have taken several from well known heavy hitters in the online entrepreneur space. After paying thousands of dollars for a course and frustrated with trying to figure out the logistics of how to actually execute the content, I am so thankful I found Amy Jo. From practical how-tos to inspirational and motivational content, she will take you from idea to launched."

Denise K.

"I've been a business owner for two decades now, and I'm impressed with the depth of knowledge and understanding that Amy possesses as a business coach. She delves into the roadblocks that we all come up against, which are for the most part, our own self-doubt and fear to trust our instincts. 

If I'd had access to her workbook when I first started my own company, it would have been like that friend that believes in you and keeps you going through the labor pains of business ownership."

Dana F.

"Amy is a master marketing-figure-outer! What felt like mumbo jumbo coming out of my mouth when it came to my marketing, ideas and structures she helped me shift through it all and come up with a plan I'm excited about. Definitely a gal you'd want in your #girlboss corner!


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