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What is Passive Income and How to Get Started Creating Passive Income Online

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In 2016, I experienced the thrill of waking up to a PayPal notification, seeing that someone had purchased my first digital product - my digital workbook while I was asleep.

It marked the beginning of my journey into making passive income online 👀

Back then, I was accustomed to desk jobs or one-on-one client interactions which had me stuck on a computer all day.

The idea of creating something that could sell without my constant involvement fascinated me.

This was the birth of my first digital product, a workbook. However, the journey from creation to a truly passive income stream too A MINUTE! I had to learn HOW to actually set the thing up.

Setting up payment gateways and seamless delivery of the workbook required trial, error, Googling, and YouTube tutorials.

The process of making passive income online wasn't as smooth as I'd hoped, but it laid the groundwork for my venture into creating digital products! Because - like I always say now, you have to give yourself GRACE to learn these skills.

While the term "passive income" suggests money flowing in effortlessly, the reality involves a bit of upfront time, money, or both!

The creation of the workbook was just the beginning, as driving traffic, marketing, and refining the sales process were essential steps toward true passivity.

BUT what I soon learned...simply having a great product isn't enough; attracting the right audience to your sales page requires a well-thought-out marketing strategy.

It's crucial to regularly publish content, educate your audience, and create a presence that resonates with your ideal buyer.

If your passive income stream isn't yielding results, consider auditing your marketing strategy like this:

Clarity of Offer: Ensure your offer is clear and compelling.

Ease of Purchase: Make it easy for potential buyers to take action.

Target Audience: Align your sales page with your ideal buyer.

Consistent Content: Regularly publish content to engage your audience.


You CAN create passive income - but you have to learn and set up your systems first :)

Here's to your journey of making passive income online!

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