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Want a Free Funnel Template for Selling Your Digital Product?

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I know you want to create and sell digital products - so I built you a funnel :)

Are you, like me, yearning to make a bigger impact on the world? To share your knowledge and talents with the universe?

"Funnels" used to sound like a foreign language.

Back in the day, I was a dedicated blogger, totally unaware of what the heck a funnel was.

I had no idea what a sales funnel could do, how to set it up, or what the point even was of having one.

In fact, when I first started online, I PERSONALLY EMAILED people downloads they had purchased from me.

I had no idea how to make it where when someone buys my download, they are automatically sent the file.

So, I'd wait...hear the PING of a new sale...then scramble to send it to them.

Totally not efficient.

AND THEN I learned how to set that up :) yay technology!

After that...I started to hear about sales funnels and why I could care.

A sales funnel allows you to sell while you're away from your desk.

It's your personal sales buddy.

Here's a little example of how my sales funnel works (I have several but here's one)

SOMEONE OPTs IN to my freebies

THEN on the thank you page, they're invited to buy something.

If they do, YAY.

If they don't, they're put into an email sequence of value and awesomeoness with additional pitches to see if they want to buy.

That's a super simple example of a sales funnel.

And it works.

Not just for my, but for my clients who are making their first ever sales online, and my clients who are making 10K-50K per month.


Funnels are important - and you can create a free one HERE.

P.S. Listen to this episode below - you'll love it and see the powerful of a sales funnel.

pinterest image that says want a funnel template for selling your digital product - free


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Hey there! I'm Amy Jo

Digital Product & Web Designer, Author & Artist

I love to create all things digital and help women bring their digital dreams to life!

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