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How to Make Your First Dollar Online (how I did and how you can too)

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I recently had an idea to start a series, and today marks the first installment, focusing on my journey into making money online. I'll be sharing the story of how I made my very first dollar online, back in 2010 during my early college years.

Back in the day, around 2010, I was a college freshman exploring creative outlets. Having dabbled in blogging since the days of Xanga at age 12, I found joy in designing my virtual space, even if I didn't fully understand the term "blogging" at the time.

Fast forward to college, where the quest for a creative outlet led me to the world of blogging. Armed with little knowledge, I started my blog, possibly on platforms like Blogger or Blogspot. To my surprise, my posts reached over 42 countries, offering me a glimpse into the power of the internet.

With an established blog and a global audience, I I keep it a creative outlet or explore monetization?

And duh, who doesn't like a little extra money, right?

So, I dove into the world of making money through blogging.

After TONS of research, my journey led me to ShareASale, a platform where major companies host affiliate programs. Cue affiliate marketing. I signed up for a free account and started to dive in.

Focused on my lifestyle blog, I selected clothing companies with affiliate programs on ShareASale. One company caught my eye, and after joining their affiliate program, I received personalized affiliate links. I strategically placed these links on my blog's sidebar, and to my amazement, my first sale came through.

Earning my first $1.16 online was not just a financial win but an eye-opener to the potential of affiliate marketing.

This experience fueled my passion for the online space. Exploring various affiliate programs, I realized the diverse opportunities available beyond traditional products, including services, summits, and bundles.

I go into the FULL story on my podcast - listen below! It's a good one :)

Have you made your firs dollar online yet?! Let me know in the comments!

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