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How to Create Multiple Income Streams with Digital Products in Your Online Business

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Hey, magical humans! Want to create multiple income streams with digital and physical products? You'll love this....

This weekend was nothing short of amazing for me—I had the incredible opportunity to showcase my two children's books.

The energy and synergy at the author event were electrifying, connecting with fellow authors, and witnessing the diverse ways they've expanded their creative ventures.

Let's dig into this!!!

I met children's' book authors who've successfully transformed their initial ideas into MULTIPLE income streams.

Let me show you some of the ways these children's book authors have done this...

Plush Toys for Kids:

Children adore more than just stories—they love tangible companions. An author at the event had adorable plush toys perfectly complementing her children's books. The synergy between the books and plush toys not only created an emotional connection with young readers but also opened up an additional revenue stream for her. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Art Prints & Art Licensing

Another author I met was Randall Spangler, an artist who transitioned from selling art prints to creating captivating children's books. Collaborating with his writer Lauren, they curated a unique blend of narrative and visually stunning artwork, leading to not just one book but a series. Randall's journey didn't stop there; he explored additional income streams through coloring books, merchandise, and art licensing. His artwork is now sold globally on puzzles, diamond art painting kids, and more! It's amazing what you can do with your designs!


You're not confined to a singular THING; you can take ONE idea and make it MANY.

Whether you're an artist, author, coach, or consultant - turn your passion into MULTIPLE revenue streams.

As you envision your business's growth, consider the opportunities to collaborate, outsource, and branch out. Remember, magic happens when you allow your creativity to flourish across may ideas.

Now go creat something awesome!

Listen to the full episode and breakdown of the author event below and be sure to subscribe to the podcast!

how to create multiple income streams in your online business pinable image


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