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All Things Virtual Co-Working, Body Doubling and Monotasking for Productivity

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Hey there!

In this podcast episode, I'm going to share with you the power of body doubling and having a mastermind group! It's seriously so powerful. Take a listen below, or read the show notes!


We've discussed my mastermind group before, which I joined when my son was four months old. If you're unfamiliar, a mastermind is a small group that meets regularly to discuss business issues, offer support, and share feedback. It's like a brain bubble we participate in weekly since my son was four months old; he's almost five now.

The power of a mastermind is incredible. We've been consistent in our meetings, witnessing each other's business journeys—building and launching products, coaching, working on systems and marketing. We also started virtual coworking sessions, dedicating an hour to focused individual tasks, celebrating accomplishments.

Reflect on your year—are you feeling rushed, struggling to find time for your goals? I understand. I've talked about starting a YouTube channel since 2013, facing fears and doubts. Finally, within my mastermind, I committed to it, launched, and now have over 600 subscribers.

Having people encourage and hold you accountable makes a difference. Whether you're a busy mom or lack a support system, having others cheer you on increases happiness and goal achievement. I introduced virtual coworking into my Digital Magic membership, providing a space for individuals to set goals, receive support, and share skills.

Virtual coworking isn't just about working side by side; it's a mini mastermind. Skill sharing happens organically. You set goals, and if you lack a skill, someone in the group might have it or know a resource. It's a win-win situation.

Mono-tasking, focusing on a single task, is crucial in virtual coworking. It enhances focus, improves quality, reduces stress, increases productivity, and helps avoid burnout. By concentrating on one thing, you enhance problem-solving skills and improve memory and learning.

If you're overwhelmed by multitasking and numerous projects, consider virtual co-working or mastermind groups. Visit for more!

Join us, and let's achieve our goals together. See you there!

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