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6 Programs to Help You Sell Your Digital Products

In this podcast episode, I'm going to share with you 6 different programs to help you sell more online. Take a listen below, or keep reading!


Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey is undoubtedly challenging, and there are moments when the desire to quit becomes all too tempting. I've experienced this, as have many others in various mastermind groups. Yet, it's the drive that keeps us going, a force that propels us forward despite the uncertainties.

There are days when you question everything – your purpose, your choices, and the difficulties you face as an entrepreneur. It could be a challenging client, a product that isn't selling, the complexities of managing taxes, or the loneliness that comes with working from home – something not often discussed.

I want to delve into the personal side, sharing a story that recently crossed my mind. As I batch podcast episodes, the tale of a family vacation emerged. What struck me was the contrast to my earlier days when I had to seek permission for time off, especially during my wedding and subsequent events. Now, as an entrepreneur, the freedom to decide and act without constraints is truly empowering.

Reflecting on past work experiences, one significant event shaped my perspective. A surgery gone wrong led to job loss in my early twenties, emphasizing the vulnerability of relying on a single income stream. This realization fueled my determination never to depend solely on one source of income. It's a lesson from 2012 that I carry with me, advocating for multiple income streams to secure financial stability.

To fellow women, I stress the importance of having a skill that can generate income. It doesn't require building a million-dollar business; having a valuable skill or product is sufficient. Create additional income streams, be it through multiple skills or various products, to prepare for any future uncertainties.

Starting small is crucial. Whether it's a $200 a month business or a $10,000 a month venture, the key is taking baby steps. Setting achievable goals and gradually increasing them ensures steady progress. What dollar amount would make you feel comfortable and accomplished? For me, hitting $200 a month was a significant milestone, covering my car payment and instilling confidence. Subsequent goals followed, each a testament to the potential of creating income through various avenues.

If you are considering the entrepreneurial path, here are some resources:

The Roadmap: A comprehensive digital marketing course covering everything from Pinterest and funnel building to blogging and SEO.

The Free Mama Membership: Ideal for those interested in becoming a virtual assistant, offering insights on setting up and marketing services.

Etsy Accelerator: A program for selling digital downloads on Etsy, guided by someone who has sold over 40,000 digital products.

Wolf School: A print-on-demand course focusing on growing a shop using Printify and Etsy.

Amazon KDP with Jenny Hanson Lane: Learn low-content book publishing, leveraging Amazon KDP for print-on-demand.

Digital Magic Membership: A membership guiding individuals through the world of digital products, offering monthly ideas and masterclasses.

Remember, the entrepreneurial journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

Set your goals, understand your why, and stay committed. You have the capability to succeed, and I believe in your journey. Take it slow and stay focused on your aspirations!


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