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Tools to Use for Your Website, Email List Building, Etc

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2020
  • If you have tools that you’re using right now that’s working for you and your business, stick with them
  • Shiny objects syndrome is a thing
  • I started out as a blogger in Blogspot in 2009 and evolved into Wordpress
  • Wordpress worked for me at that time
  • But through the years, things have changed especially when I became a mom
  • I restructured my business and one tool that worked for me ever since is Kajabi
  • Kajabi is used by many bloggers, podcasters, etc
  • Kajabi can streamline everything in one place unlike Wordpress
  • Kajabi is an all in one platform; you can build websites, automated webinars, landing pages
  • It’s like paying for website, email list building, etc in one place
  • It’s perfect for those who have courses, membership sites
  • When you build your email list, Mailchimp and ConvertKit are the common ones
  • Kajabi also offers email list building
  • A lot of coaches work in one on one setup
  • When I was working with people one one one, I would email them back and forth
  • It was exhausting and waste of time
  • It’s easier when you send them a link and they can access your calendar
  • Calendly is my favourite app and it’s for free and looks sleek
  • Before using Calendly, I also tried You Can Book Me and they both do the same thing.
  • I prefer Calendly in terms of the “look”
  • It syncs well with my Google Calendar
  • Google Calendar syncs with Calendly to block off schedule that aren’t already available
  • You can also put a buffer time before and after each schedule
  • It’s a tool that can do everything for me, you just send a link, they click on it, and book a schedule
  • Calendly can let you put questions with the link so you can come prepared with the one to one interaction
  • It’s way more helpful and makes the sale go well as well
  • Social media scheduling; if you’re thinking about a basic one, you can try Hootsuite or Buffer
  • Because of algorithms, posting within the platform is better with regards to Facebook business page
  • If you are not copywrite savvy, you can use Funnel Script
  • It’s a tool that helps you create sales pages, webinars, blogs, etc in literally just 10 minutes
  • You log into the app (it’s a paid app), there’s all these different scripts you can choose from.
  • You can choose among different scripts from sales page to webinars.
  • It asks you questions about your sales page like what are you selling, what are the benefits of your products, what are the features
  • You fill up the questions and hit a button and it’ll give you a download of your sales page and you’re done
  • It does Facebook ads, webinar scripts; it’ll write for you so you don’t have to break your brain
  • You don’t have to hire a copywriter for $10,000 to write things for you
  • It could send about 60 different scripts they could write for you
  • Russel Brandson and Jim Edwards who created the program
  • Edwards has a YouTube channel you can check where he helps someone write scripts
  • If you need links for the tools I mentioned like Kajabi, Funnel Scripts, Calendly, let me know
  • I also have a webinar training on Funnel Scripts which is super helpful
  • I wanted to tell you about it because so many people don’t know about it
  • Creation tools: if you want to make ebooks, or slides, webinar, I use Canva for everything
  • You can create presentation slides with things already set up for you
  • You don’t have to start from scratch and they already have formats ready for you
  • Canva has animated social media posts
  • It’s a great way to grab people’s attention
  • I would use Skype for one on one session in the past and then I discovered Zoom and I’ve been using it for years
  • The quality is great when you’re doing interviews, recording screens, sharing screens
  • My favorite is the Whiteboard where you can draw on it and it comes really handy
  • For podcasting: I started using Podomatic(?) and then I switched to Libsyn
  • I upload my podcast to Libsyn and when I hit the publish button, it posts to iTunes, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Spotify, Google Music, etc
  • You can record your podcast with Garage Band since everything is in Apple and upload that to Libsyn
  • Libsyn is the easy way to do it for people who are thinking about starting a podcast
  • These tools I mentioned are the easiest tools you can work with
  • When I was starting out, I have used thousands of tools and it can be overwhelming; hopefully these tools will be helpful for you

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