The 5 reasons you need a money system

Dec 28, 2019


Do you feel you have a grip on your money?

Maybe you’ve tried to get your finances in order in the past, but got discouraged because it took too much effort and energy. Maybe today you’re thinking: “well, I make decent money and I can make ends meet, why bother going deep into my finances? That’s just a waste of time, I’m busy enough as it is”.


Perhaps you never really know if you can afford that pair of shoes, and when you buy it anyway, you feel guilty. Because maybe, you’ve just spent money you shouldn’t have. Or maybe not. Not sure. Hmmm. Perhaps you know it’s something you still need to get a hold of, somewhere in the back of your head, but you just need an extra nudge, an extra kick in the butt.


Let’s do this.

First let’s talk about why it is so important for you to get a grip on your finances. I think everyone should have a Money System of their own, that guides their financial lives. What do I mean by that?


A Money System is a coherent whole of information, rules, and practices around your personal finances. Still, that sounds pretty vague, but bear with me.


Now let’s dive into the 5 reasons why it’s so important that you have a Money System of your own. And once you’re inspired to take action, of course you can count on me for some guidance. I’m all about talking about money and sharing tips and tricks. I ain’t got no shame. I’ve got you covered with a free pdf that describes the my own 7-Step Money System, that you can shamelessly copy for yourself.


Reason #1

There’s a structure and fixed rules around how you deal with yours. You know exactly what’s going on with your money. And as you know: information is power. This knowledge puts you behind the steering wheel. You’re in control.


Reason #2

You will no longer be surprised by big expenses that jeopardize you making ends meet this month. Because your money system covers and plans for these unexpected expenses, which, if you think about it, are not really all that unexpected…


Reason #3

You’ll spend less energy on thinking and worrying about money. Huh, did you get that right? Yes, it costs you LESS ENERGY to have a system than to ride without one. Your reason for not following through on your finances may be because it feels like too much work. However, it’s an upfront investment of time that saves you TONS of energy, time, worry, and yes, even money - in the future. And that upfront investment of time doesn’t have to be all that insurmountable either. If you learn and copy from other people, setting up your Money System can be much easier than you think.


Reason #4

You know what you can afford. No need to spend like a chicken without a head and then later feel bad about it. Instead, you’ll know what you can freely spend and when you do so, you can enjoy your new shoes/vacation/massage/whatever, guilt free.


Reason #5

You can design your life the way you want it to, by saving purposefully. That might sound grand, but it’s not. Do you have this one savings account where you try to put money whenever you can, but you’re not exactly sure what you’re saving for exactly? Then probably you also take some money out of there now and then, without really knowing which future goals you may be compromising by doing that. You’re like, throwing money on one big pile, and sometimes taking some off that pile again. The pile doesn’t really grow that much as a result, and sometimes may completely disappear. Oops!


With a Money System, you’ll have more than just a pile of savings. You know what you’re saving for. You won’t be eating into your home down payment to pay for your vacation unknowingly. Since I’ve implemented my own Money System, my spending habits have changed dramatically - in a good way. You’ll think twice before spending an $1,800 on that vacation for which you saved only $1,000, if you know it sets you back for buying that house you’re dreaming of.


  • Want to buy a house in the future? Set some money aside for that.
  • Want to get married at some point, without taking out a loan or relying on your parents (hint: weddings are EXPENSIVE)? Or want to avoid what I did: put your pension money into it (true fact!)? Better start saving now, my friend :)
  • Do you want to retire early? Your Money System can help make that happen. You can determine when you want to retire, how much money you’re going to need per month when you do, and how much to save for it starting today (check out the free savings calculator I made)
  • Want to know if you can afford to work part time and have more quality time outside of work? With a well-running Money System, you can see in the blink of an eye if and how you can afford it. I personally made this move a year ago, and girl - am I the happiest person in the world! I couldn’t have done that without knowing how I should adjust my finances to accomodate for it - which is exactly what my Money System did for me. Now, this part-time work schedule gives me space to work on something I’m so, so passionate about: personal finance! Yep - my website, this blog post would not have been here without my very own Money System.


Now I want to know: did I convince you? Are you now like: “Okay Julia, okay!! I want to have my own Money System. I’m happy to do the work because I know will get so much more in return. More money, more time, more headspace, more independence…”.


Awesome!! Now I know it’s hard to be fully motivated without believing you can actually do this. So let me help you there. I’ve created a free PDF that lays out my own 7-Step Money System - to get you motivated and to get you started. Is your mind not ready yet? Then by all means, start with my ebook “How To Change Your Relationship With Money” (also free).

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