One FREE tools you need to start using NOW to DOUBLE your opt-ins!

Aug 21, 2020

If you're wondering HOW people get their content and ads to go viral & add thousands of people to their email list, it's because they're using this FREE tool no one is talking about...

This tool has been hanging out right under your nose and you probably didn't even know it. Take a listen to this episode where I walk you though HOW to utilize it to work for you!



Did you listen to the episode?! Good. Then you'll know the Facebook Ads Library is the magical tool you need to take a peek at RIGHT NOW! ( to Google and type it in)

The Facebook ads library shows you ads of your competitors so you can see an inside peek into WHAT COPY and CREATIVE VISUALS are working right now in your industry.


When we talk about mirroring what works, this is what I'm talking about.

Go search through the ads and notice the stories, hooks, offers, that your competition is using and then mirror what works!

Don't copy - duh.

But go get inspired. It's seriously so insightful to see!

Did you know about this tool?? Comment below!

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