Episode 1: How Hypnosis Helped This Entrepreneur (and how it can help you, too!)

Aug 21, 2020

If you've followed me for a minute, you know my struggles with anxiety. I've had it for as long as I remember and it's something I deal with daily.

When I met Haley, we got into some deep conversations (which you'll hear in this episode!) but she really made me curious to look into hypnosis for anxiety and stress!

Have you ever tried hypnosis? Let me know in the comments!


Most of us try to change through willpower (hustling), but if the belief is still there (that I’m not good enough) you will only ever make minimal progress.

Haley specializes in breakthroughs for women healers and practitioners with BIG dreams who are ready to show up, share their gifts with the world, and create a 6-figure dream business with ease. In this episode, we chat all things transformation, hypnosis, conscious parenting and more! Read more about Haley here: https://www.creatingcomets.com/rtt


Enjoy the episode! 

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