How To STOP Giving Up on Your Goals

Oct 07, 2019
To the girl who feels like nothings working…this is for you <3
Something has been pulling at my heartstrings and I want you to know, I HEAR YOU <3 
You’re the girl who KNOWS exactly what she wants. You can see it, feel it, smell it. You want NOTHING ELSE in the world than to have what you desire most RIGHT NOW! Maybe it’s that dream house…maybe it’s being able to retire your husband from his tough job, maybe it’s being able to travel freely, maybe it’s to create abundance for yourself so that you don’t feel super stressed as you raise a family. Maybe, it’s to create more freedom in your life than ever before…
But something has been holding you back.
Even though you’ve done everything….mindset work, prayer, meditation, taken courses….you feel like you’re missing something. 
I hear you. And I see you.
I want you to know that EVERYTHING you have ever desired for yourself in this life IS AVAILABLE TO YOU. Did you just roll your eyes? Lol. I KNOW! It sounds so cliche…but it’s true. You see, though we may be doing x and y and z, if transformation still isn’t happening, it could be because:::
1. You’re resisting – meaning maybe there’s a little part of you that’s scared of change, of really achieving your goals, of WHAT TO DO NEXT after they’ve happened!
2. You’re absorbing and not DO-ing – I’m big on action steps, remember? And when we’re DO-ing WHILE believing, we make our dreams our reality. Are you doing everything possible to go after your dreams? Are you adjusting your schedule to MAKE TIME for you to take action? Are you sharing your message?  If you’re feeling stuck and you’re not sure WHAT those actions might be, let’s chat.
3. You’re not SEE-ing that which is already happening for you – It’s SUPER easy to get stuck and only see what’s NOT working. Did you notice that nice person open the door for you? Did you see that penny on the ground and walk past it? Did you poo-poo something free someone offered you? DAILY things come to you and you have the CHOICE to see them, show gratitude, and stay high vibe, or shoo them away and keep believing that nothing is happening.
Your dreams are scary. THEY ARE! But what’s scarier…going for them or not? 
I asked my client yesterday : 
“What’s the worst that could happen if you go for you dream?”
She said : “It doesn’t work and I’m still in my 9-5”
I said : “Ok, so what happens if you DON’T go for you dream?”
She said : “…..I’d still be in my 9-5….”
THE OUTCOME WAS THE SAME!!!! SO! If you’re struggling to GO FOR IT, remember, if you DON’T, you’ll be exactly where you are now. And I’m guessing, because you’re a STRONG, DETERMINED, AMAZING woman, that you’re ready to take the leap.
Suggested reading: “The Big Leap”
You’re a fire starter and the world needs you <3
xo Amy Jo
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