How to Grow an Audience BEFORE You Launch!

Sep 03, 2020
how to grow your audience before you launch

One of my FAVORITE things to teach is my Rainbow Method (PS Are you in my private Facebook group where I hold this free training?!) In the group, we host regular event teaching this method so it's easier for you to create and sell digital products. 

In my Rainbow Method, I teach you how to LAUNCH a course or membership site without ever having to touch a piece of tech until you actually have students enrolled.

I created this method because I saw SO many course creators getting overwhelmed and QUITTING because either NO ONE enrolled in a course they spent months building, or because they didn't know how to handle the tech pieces, so they kept putting it on the back burner.

I don't want that to happen to you!

So I created the Rainbow Method which takes you from idea to launch in the simplest way. No overwhelm. You can even be paid to create your own course - how cool is that?!


So, one of the big pieces of this method is having an audience before you launch.


Here are a few tips to help you do that!


1. Set your launch date and work backwards

This sounds simple, but so many people don't do it. Set the date so you know EXACTLY what needs to get done prior to launch time. That means you'll be able to pre-plan your content leading up to your launch so you can start prepping your audience and building buzz. 


2. Create a buzz around your launch few weeks before you launch

Speaking of buzz, ALL of your content the weeks leading up to your launch should be around your launch topic & showing off your brains. That means your social media, blogs, podcasts, etc ALL are gearing up for launch time too. Can you plan to be a guest on someone's podcast during these weeks who has your ideal audience? Can you do guest blogging? Think of ways outside the blog to help you expand your reach in these pre-launch weeks!



3. Make use of evergreen content

Repurpose older content that's relevant to your launch! You don't have to re-create the wheel. Make it easy on yourself!



4. Create a Facebook group where you can interact with your audience and create a buzz for your launch

Facebook groups are amazing at helping your build rapport for your audience and showing off your skill sets. Consider creating one prior to your launch and even running a free challenge to help build your group!


5. Doing joint ventures with others in your niche

Partner up! Find someone in your niche that you can team up with and support each other during your launches. You share their offer and they share yours!


6. Have affiliates

Kajabi (affiliate link) makes it super easy to have an affiliate program for your offers. Having people HELP YOU promote your offers leads to larger launch income when the times comes!


There are so many ways to build your audience. Check out my '70 Ways to Grow Your Email List & Boost Your Audience' bundle to help give you ideas to expand your reach!


What are your favorite ways to grow your audience prior to a launch? Drop them in the comments!


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