How I Grew My Email List By 100 People in 48 Hours

Oct 07, 2019


If you’re new to list building, you NEED TO KNOW that if you’re an entrepreneur, list building needs to be your BFF. Like, now. By creating a pool of email subscribers that you KNOW are attracted to what you have to offer, you have a foundation for surveying them (i.e. get rid of the guesswork of what you THINK they need and start creating content they ACTUALLY need) and you also create a market of people to sell your awesome things to!

Which, let’s face it, that’s super important. Because “If you’re not making money in your business, it’s just a hobby”. Ew. I DISLIKE this phrase even though it’s a bit true.

So, this download not only gives you the reasons that list building is so important, but I’m totally an outside the box thinker. So you’ll be getting list building ideas that you probably haven’t even thought of yet. This is probably why it’s been so popular…because my brain’s weird. 🙂


When you’re list building….

  • You’re creating a pool of amazing ideal clients that you KNOW are interested in your content


  • You’re creating a list of people who you can survey to know EXACTLY what products / services to create / offer so that you’re serving them exactly what they’re needing


  • You’re releasing the overwhelming guess work of racking your brain to find clients blindly


  • You’re growing your reach/influence


  • You’re nurturing a crew of people and building report with them (HUGE)


  • You’re keeping in regular contact with them (YOU BETTA BE!)


  • Forcing yourself to engage. I mean, if you don’t have people waiting on content/info/services/to hear from you, the accountability factor goes way down. By having a pool of people under you, it KEEPS YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME and keeps you creating!


  • Can better understand what they like and what they don’t like


  • You’re able to sell easier to people who already dig what you’re serving them with


  • You’re rockin’ your business – even if you don’t feel like it yet. Why? Because SO MANY PEOPLE THINK IT’S NOT IMPORTANT! Girlfriend, it’s essential.


Your list should become like Rapunzel’s hair – it should be strong & grow endlessly 😉


So HOW did I grow my list by about 100 people in 48 hours?

  • I set a goal. I REALLY wanted 50 new people by the time the weekend was over. Boom. Eyes on the prize.


  • I created the coolest freebies ever :) 


  • I offered that freebie to my Facebook crew, Pinterest peeps & Twitter gals, as well as a couple Facebook groups


  • I typed out exactly what the list entailed and how it worked for me previously vs. just being like “uh…download this”


  • I got serious and FORCED MY GOAL TO WORK! No plan B.


The proof is in the pudding and the juice is in the freebie. When you create AWESOME content, people crave it and want more. And when you create a goal that means a lot to you, you leave yourself no other option but to crush it.



You got this!!! 

Xo Amy Jo


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