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Digital Products 101

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2020
  • If you have any membership, ebook, any digital product you sell online, we’re gonna talk about creating and selling digital products
  • A little background about me: I started in the online space as a blogger in 2009 just as a little escape and creative outlet
  • I didn’t know anything about blogging and I stumbled about the analytical side of blogging
  • I ended up in a marketing job in 2012 and started my online coaching business in 2015
  • In 2015, I started coaching online one on one for people in Skype from Australia, Hawaii, and Canada
  • I thought about the idea of doing an online course or any digital asset to my business
  • I don’t even know where to start with the course but I have pdf downloads
  • I did some research about the digital product world in 2016
  • I did everything the hard way. I whipped out a course for weeks
  • Once I had the course created, it was chunky.
  • I see people who have course also have webinars and I wanted to do that
  • I went full speed ahead on that and I don’t recommend it that now
  • I scheduled a webinar and about 8 people showed up
  • I did sort of a training and sold my course at the end.
  • One person bought my course and it was $299 and it made me ecstatic
  • Ever since then, I was hooked on the possibilities
  • Between then and now, everything shifted
  • I was working with one on one coaching until last year when I had my son
  • I took a maternity leave for 3 months
  • I came out of it thinking like I don’t want to do One on One and I wanted my business to be restructured
  • I wanted my schedule to be more fluid.
  • I ended up building a membership site because I really like the one to many 
  • A lot of the teaching I did on my one on one coaching was repetitive.
  • It was something I could put into a video and put up in my membership site and sell over and over
  • When it comes to digital product, the sky is the limited
  • In 2019, I got hooked in the digital product realm
  • With digital products, don’t do things the hard way
  • What I did was create a course and sell it
  • But there’s an easier way to do it
  • Something I wish I had known back then was you don’t actually need to have a product made when you sell it
  • If you know your audience, you’d know what they’re asking for.
  • You can get an idea of what the audience wants
  • You can put this idea together and sell it
  • For example, you have this course idea and you know you could create this thing; maybe it’s a webinar, going live
  • Once you make the sales, the content can drip; instead of the audience getting the content all at once, you can just release a module weekly
  • It saves so much time and accountability
  • Courses, memberships, and ebooks: big three when it comes to digital products
  • I’ve done all three and current favorite is membership sites
  • Things are going to subscription model like Netflix
  • My membership itself has a chunk of training once they become members; specifically for coaches
  • Chunk of bonuses like social media training, etc
  • I also offer a live element month to month where people can learn from you directly
  • I like the income aspect of it, it’s not capped
  • Members can come and go
  • Ebooks: I created my ebook/workbook years ago and continually update it in its best version every year
  • I love to recommend having an ebook attached to your business so you can add it to your bio
  • Writing an ebook/workbook builds your trust factor(?)
  • It can be something you teach but it doesn’t have to be hundreds of pages, it’s up to you
  • The difference between a course and membership; typically courses have a start and a stop
  • Your taking your client over few weeks and at the end of the course, the client should have an end result
  • With the membership, it’s ongoing. Clients come in and go; they continually grow with you
  • The ebook is a quick win for a lower cost
  • Clients more likely to repurchase again
  • Just to give an idea how digital products impact your business, you can continually sell products over and over; it’s the evergreen model
  • It’s like a little money making machine that continually runs for you at the back of your business
  • It’s fun and you can create as many as you can
  • I also want to talk about the tools, like the techy part of the digital product creation because I think a lot of people gets stuck on the text side
  • I love Canva; I made my entire workbook in Canva, and you can do other social media post
  • Canva has templates for ebooks, etc
  • I also recently used Kajabi and it has been the best
  • I host my membership in Kajabi, can do courses in it, can have a community and other digital experience in one space
  • Biggest takeaway is that if you don’t have digital product that you’re selling in your business, think about it and make one ASAP
  • It definitely changed the game for me.

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