7 Ways to Create Binge-Worthy Content For Your Audience

Oct 07, 2019

So, a few years ago I hopped on the Google Calendar train.


I have always been a pen and paper chick as far as planning (that is…WHEN I used a planner). I have totally been known for mentally scheduling things vs. writing them down. Oops! 

Google Calendars has been ESSENTIAL this week and has been a total game-changer for me to the point where I’m sitting here thinking….dang, what did I even do with my days before this calendar?! Whaaat?! Yep. My life’s been THAT different.

Here’s what’s happened:

The moment I started scheduling my days, my content creating has been insanely productive. 



Also because I’m not ‘running out of time’ to create killer content. I have my YEAR scheduled out so that I know each day WHAT is a MUST, and what is a BUST (aka, what I need to quit doing…aka wasting time on).


Before this fancy pants calendar (did I mention it’s free?) I would spend TOO MUCH TIME on social media, TOO LITTLE TIME scheduling blog posts/creating content, and would ACCIDENTALLY forget to do certain things because by the time I’d remember, it was 11 pm…..another oops.


Here are my steps to creating killer content that kicks some booty….

any guesses what #1 is?


  • STAY CONSISTENT – I’ve been awful at consistency…I’ll admit that. But if you want your life/biz to flourish, you MUST take consistent action DAILY…not just when it’s convenient. Schedule days/times that are dedicated to your creative juices and STICK TO THEM. You can thank me later.


  • CREATE FROM THE HEART – there are tons of freebies and such flying around that it’s really easy to be drawn into creating similar content as someone else…DON’T! Stay your course. Your message needs to be heard in YOU PERSONAL WAY. So, WHAT is it about you that makes you so unique? WHY are you sharing your content? What’s the deeper impact you’d like your content to create?


  • KNOW YOUR GOAL – what is the DEEPER goal that you have for your content? Is it to educate? Bring change? Impact? etc….think deeper than ‘make money’ or ‘grow my list’. Your audience can feel that energy. When you’re giving from the heart, magic happens and your tribe comes.


  • KEEP GOING – Ok, so your content is getting crickets at the moment. WHO CARES! Keep going. It takes time to build up a following but when the content is good, the flocks will come. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED!!!! <3 <3 <3 You’re meant for your desires and vice versa. Keep going. Keep sharing. In fact, many people want to WATCH YOUR PROGRESS! So TALK ABOUT IT! Speak on your struggles, what you're working on, how you're feeling doing XYZ. People LOVE a behind the scenes sneak peek into the lives of others.


  • PACK IN THE VALUE – The BIGGEST pet peeve of mine is if I ever download a freebie that sounds super cool…and it’s super lame. DO NOT be afraid of oversharing. Sharing creates trust and people will LOVE YOU FOR IT. The scarcity mindset ain’t pretty (aka, if I share too much I’ll never get any paying clients etc) Not true. They’ll think “Dang if her free stuff is this good I wonder how amazing her paid stuff is!!”


  • REACH OUT! – Not sure what to create? Ask! Get into some Facebook groups, talk with your ideal client, ask around! Get answers and create exactly what they need. Again, they’ll LOVE YOU FOR IT! When you're creating what your people are wanting, it attracts them 10x easier.


  • STOP WORRYING – stop worrying that your content isn’t good enough. CREATE CREATE CREATE! Your tribe will be attracted to WHO you are and WHY you do what you do. Not about the color of the font on your PDF. <3



What are your tips for creating content? Comment below!

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