Hey there! I'm Amy Jo.

👉🏻 Teacher of thousands of students & clients globally & Lover of sparkly things

I believe this world is full of magical humans. You know, the big dreamers, go-getters and the ones who are always striving for more.

If you're like me, you have an ache to help the planet, a fire to help others and a desire to live life on your terms


In 2014, I found myself in a soul-crushing sales job desperate to escape and counting down days until each weekend. It never seemed right that I had to ASK FOR APPROVAL to get married on the day I wanted. I felt out of control of my life and I said NEVER AGAIN. 

So I got serious about creating a laptop life where as long as I had wifi, I could make money.

I quit my sales job June 1st, 2015 and grew an international coaching business by the age of 25 and I've helped countless others make the transition as well.


The clients and companies I've helped have:

- increased their client base by over 200% in less than a year

- scaled their email list by 175% in 4 months

- landed their first retainer clients paying them monthly

- made their first $1,000 ever in the online space within 2 weeks of working with me (without spamming Facebook groups or working all day every day)

- landed magazine articles promoting their biz

- and so much more



My passion is helping YOU share your message by creating an online business that gives you the income you need to do what you love like: 

- staying at home with your babies

- traveling to places you've always wanted to go

- giving amazing gifts to your friends and family every holiday

- spending your precious time on this Earth actually LIVING, versus working and praying for a vacation


In 2019, I wrote my book, The Digital Magic Workbook that allows you to have an interactive business building experience as you work through the pages. You can get it here!


I'm so excited to get to know you better! Come hang out with me in the Scale Your Biz, Love Your Life Facebook Group!!


To your success!

xo Amy Jo


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