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Hey there! I'm Amy Jo

👉🏻 National Association of Women Business Owners Scholarship Winner

👉🏻 Became a showcased business at local marketing event for the arts in front of 40,000 people (within a month of launching)

👉🏻 Increased event attendance by over 18,000 for local festival through digital marketing

👉🏻 Grew non-profits email list by 200% and doubled enrollments in less than 6 months

👉🏻 Taught over 1,000 students + clients globally before taking my business online 

👉🏻 Artist, creator and believer in putting your passions out into the world

It wasn't always unicorns and rainbows...

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I have a LOT of interests.

In 2012, I found myself teaching 'Soul Paint', an awesome (if I do say so myself) painting experience that mixed intuitive painting with transformational coaching. Soon after, I began teaching in-home art workshops, as well as teaching at several colleges around the city.

I became known as 'the Soul Paint girl' as my business grew and seriously loved every minute of it.

However, lugging around 100 lbs of art supplies and driving all around to different homes and buildings became trickier, so I began to seek out other options that would free up my time, but still allow me to help others.

I discovered the online space and found that I could put my coaching that I had been doing with my students into online programs and courses.




I began to build my online presence, my coaching packages, and landed my first paying client shortly after. My days free'd up, my client reach was global, and I was doing what I loved to do : help others.'s where it gets juicy.


When I decided to start business coaching other female entrepreneurs back in 2015 on how they could take their passions and create digital products and services, I created a few programs and worked with my clients 1:1.

I had personally spent thousands of dollars on other courses for myself, just to be in another land of overwhelm. I'd learn bits and pieces, but I didn't have a perfect system in front of me to take me from A-Z easily. To be honest, most courses I didn't finish because it was just TOO I'd take what I could from it, implement, and walk away still feeling like I was leaving money on the table.

After over 10 years in the online world, running my own businesses for a majority of that time, I've learned A LOT about building an online business in a way that FEELS GOOD....not stressful.



I've helped women earn their first $1,000 in their business, sign their first clients, land magazine deals, and quit their day jobs.

This experience has been AWESOME and quite frankly, one of the most fulfilling experiences I've had. I work

remotely (lots of times in my PJ's on my couch because #introvert) with women in Australia, the UK, Canada, Hawaii, and every place in between. We host calls via the internet and literally all I need now to run my business is Wifi and my laptop.

When I first started my business, I ONLY worked 1:1 with my clients. I'd get my hands in their business and we'd create a marketing system that fit their goals perfectly.

The only problem was, I could only take on so many clients without totally feeling burnt out. Maybe you've felt this way, too? By only being able to take on X number of clients per month, I quickly felt my income become 'capped'.

I kept thinking, "If only I could multiply myself...."

After creating all of my programs, successfully selling them and watching my clients get results, I really got into the whole 'multiple streams of income' idea. I was watching women sell out webinars, courses, do HUGE million dollar launches and I thought, "Why not me?"

So I made the leap into the online space and I haven't looked back. There is SO MUCH potential online that it's CRAZY not to join in on the fun.


So, there's a bit about me. 

I also like glitter (probably too much), cream soda and house shoes. Because my toes get cold. 

Are we digital BFF's yet?? I hope so!

I'm excited for your journey!

Always cheering you on,

xo Amy Jo




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